Antique collection of shirts

Surprisingly, the first  chronicle shirt in the history of man was found in Egypt – a tailor made linen shirt with flounce for a perfect fit. From then on, till the twentieth century, oddly the shirt was always to be buried – to be worn as a form of undergarment (quite different from the formal shirts & business shirts of today). Some believed that a man who did not wear one to bed was immoral!


Shirts and our mindset against them have both come a long action. Preceding shirts were always made by custom shirt makers. With the advent of mass construction, cheaper ready made clothes became the benchmark. Custom tailored shirts became the absolute preserve of the snooty few who could manage to spend on luxury apparel. But with this tendency, men had to settle with poor proper shirts. Large size shirts, King size shirts, skinny shirts became ambitious to find.

But then came the Internet, e-commerce crosswise borders and the capability to buy illustrate shirts online. Technology soften barriers and made tailored shirts economical to the masses. Mark our words, it did not abate quality, it simply made quality clothing more convenient.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  9dd6ddb98b153e03c4beb86f08ff77d5ad1148b25d0d068bc716e3b34b9261cc

That’s the approach trend that Vitruvien is a section of. Quality bespoke shirts, arrange with care and made cheap by technology – a perfect extension to one’s corporate shirt assemblage.

Today, you can select your choice of fabric – Egyptian cotton shirts to linen shirts – and make a shirt with any collar – Chinese collar, cutaway collar, club collar. You can personalize your shirt to have any cuff – French Cuffs / Double cuffs, adaptable cuffs. Or may be design your own tuxedo shirt. Why carry it white? Why not delicate blue or baby pink? You can tailor create a banker’s shirt in several fabric and also add a actualize monogram. The world is the pallet when it comes to modern tailored shirts.

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Size is no blockade now. Since it is fashion, you are never out of standard for any size. No further do purchaser need to inquiry for big and tall shirt sizes, short men shirt sizes or plus sizes. Lanky men shirt intensity or king size shirts are now a few keystrokes away.     So it sounds like history is duplicating itself. A adjustment is in the offing – a modification from the prefabricated shops of today to the fashion clothing stores of tomorrow. Custom shirts are back with a smack.

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Our goal is to provide you with the easiest and fastest way to brand your business, after all nothing beats doing your own branding without the glitch. Try our other tools and complete your business branding right away.


Not everyone is crazy about our designs, and that’s ok. If completely customized design is your thing then we have a solution for you. Work with best designers to get a custom brand design which are tailored to your exact branding needs. Get Custom Design Now


Designing of Logo is very important because it represents the company. The font; shape; color and images are included in logo design services.


Our logo design firm creates an identity for you. It is describable; memorable; effective even without color. Logo design services are an amalgamation of these different techniques including:

 Contrast- Most failed to notice and under-rated technique. Professionals use high contrast lines for user to differentiate page components and draw attention to high feature-items.

 Gradients- A logo has subtle gradients to emphasize on content. Our designers choose few gradients only to make logo obvious to users.

 Color-A single color logo is a challenge able task for a designer. Normal designing doesn’t allow more than four colors for logo design.

 Letter Spacing- Letter spacing defines the logo. The spaces and fonts used between letters create a logo clear and defined.

 Case- An uppercase or a lowercase, logo is for a well known place on the website to engage eyes and make an endless image in the visitors’ mind.

 Anti Aliasing- A complicated process control by logo design firm. Custom logo design includes this technology to flat out edges.

 Trim Fat- It is another way of trimming extra content on logo.

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tumblr_mio2njwgcw1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_mio2kj2ytp1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_mhgshulkji1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_me44uoik3k1qzf4lro2_500 tumblr_me2z4mabeb1qzf4lro2_500 tumblr_me44uoik3k1qzf4lro3_500

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tumblr_mavag0c7xy1qzf4lro1_500tumblr_mlbwbdgrd41qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_mio1nix7dw1qzf4lro2_500 tumblr_mio0pj9jjn1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_mio1m3nofv1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_mio1m3nofv1qzf4lro2_500 tumblr_mio1nix7dw1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_micbryevq01qzf4lro1_500

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Design ready for printing as stencil

tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro2_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro3_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro4_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro5_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro6_250 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro7_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro8_500 tumblr_lkltanidaq1qzf4lro9_500

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For UTGP 2012. Ink on acetate, scanned in and edited in Photoshop.

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In darkness there is light no dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight…

T shirt design for threadless.

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Portfolio of works by Ashley Handlin

I am a graphic design/illustration student with an interest in apparel graphics. This is my portfolio of related works, mixing my t shirt graphics as well as traditional paintings and some digital work as well.

tumblr_l731zgyu5f1qzf4lro1_r2_500 Tagstumblr_l8cg2t4bsl1qzf4lro1_500tumblr_l732amspvh1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_l732dopzhk1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_l732yklxom1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_l733mwonpj1qzf4lro1_r1_500 tumblr_l733t2avnc1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_l733w3qvrs1qzf4lro1_500 tumblr_l733zrhh391qzf4lro1_500tumblr_l731qhjgvq1qzf4lro1_500

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I TURNED INTO A TREE t shirt design

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